Spreen Automotive Group is a family-owned business that operates multiple car dealerships in Southern California. Established by Greg Spreen in 1984 with the opening of Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, California, the dealership group has since grown in size and reputation under the leadership of his son, Jeff Spreen.

What sets Spreen Automotive Group apart from other dealership groups is its commitment to the community. The group has made significant contributions to the Inland Empire region, supporting various causes and organizations that make a positive impact on the lives of local residents.

One of the most significant ways in which Spreen Automotive Group supports the community is through its involvement in law enforcement. The group is a proud supporter of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Academy Foundation, which helps to train and educate law enforcement personnel in the region. By supporting the foundation, Spreen Automotive Group is contributing to the safety and well-being of the entire community.

In addition to its support of law enforcement, Spreen Automotive Group is also involved in various other charitable initiatives. The group has donated to the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital and the Riverside County Medical Association’s Charitable Foundation, which supports healthcare programs for underserved communities.

Spreen Automotive Group also supports education through its involvement with local schools and universities. The group has sponsored the Redlands High School football program, providing financial support and equipment to the team. Additionally, Spreen Automotive Group has partnered with the University of Redlands to provide internship opportunities for students interested in the automotive industry.

Beyond its charitable initiatives, Spreen Automotive Group is also a leader in the automotive industry. The group’s dealerships have received numerous awards and recognitions for their exceptional customer service and sales performance. Additionally, the group’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is evident in its adoption of electric and hybrid vehicle technologies.

Overall, Spreen Automotive Group is more than just a dealership group. It is a business that cares about the community it serves, and actively works to make it a better place. Through its charitable initiatives, support of law enforcement, and commitment to education and sustainability, Spreen Automotive Group has become an integral part of the Inland Empire region.