Spreen Automotive Group
A Pillar of Community and Automotive Excellence

Spreen Cadillac in Downey

The Beginning… 1950’s

Bob Spreen created Spreen Cadillac in Downey in 1952. Spreen Cadillac went onto become the third largest Cadillac Dealer in the world following the principles of “customer first” philosophy. Bob Spreen pioneered his own leasing company before automakers were keen on rolling out aggressive programs. The idea was to give customers more options and new cars more often with ample warranty coverages.

Bob Spreen Cadillac was truly a mavericks in the automotive space; one of the first dealerships to have TV advertising mainstream with a catchy jingle “A beautiful place to lease or buy a beautiful car!–Bob Spreen Cadillac, where the freeways meet in Downey!” This tagline was heard throughout all of Southern California on television for many years that created a name brand for the dealership.

A Legacy of Family Values… Chapter Two… (1984 to 2013)

In the heart of Southern California, nestled in the vibrant communities of Riverside and San Bernardino counties, a new shining star was born. Greg Spreen purchased a Honda dealership in San Bernardino; and moved it down the street to Loma Linda in 1984. By working with the city of Loma Linda, that was the next chapter in the Spreen Automotive business. Greg went onto expand to the General Motors Saturn franchise where he built two stores; one in Palm Desert, and another next door in Loma Linda. These cars came at a time when customers were looking for exactly what Saturn was building; but that success was short lived and that brand fizzled away.

New Legacy.. Chapter Three.. (2013 and Beyond)

The time for automotive excellence and community involvement shines bright in 2013. The Spreen Automotive Group, led by its current President, Jeff Spreen, is more than just a network of car dealerships; it’s an integral part of the community’s fabric.

The Spreen family’s commitment to quality, integrity, and customer service has been passed down through generations, turning a single dealership into a robust and dynamic automotive group that is now in three cities; Loma Linda, Riverside, and Corona; which represent three brands; Honda, Acura, and Mazda.

Community-Centric Operations

What sets the Spreen Automotive Group apart is its deep-rooted commitment to the local community. The dealerships under their umbrella are not just places to buy cars; they are community hubs, and the Spreen team considers their neighbors as extended family.

Through various initiatives, the Spreen Automotive Group actively gives back to the community. They support local charities, sponsor community events, and engage in partnerships that contribute to the well-being of the region.

Customer-Centric Approach / Frictionless Car Purchase Process

One of the core principles at the heart of Spreen Automotive Group is a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. When you walk into one of their dealerships, you’re not just greeted with a smile; you’re welcomed into a warm and friendly environment where your needs and concerns are the top priority.

The Spreen team is dedicated to ensuring that every customer’s car-buying journey is a memorable and enjoyable one. From an extensive selection of new and used vehicles to a streamlined financing process and top-notch service, customers can expect nothing less than excellence at every touchpoint.

Awards and Recognition

The Spreen Automotive Group’s unwavering commitment to excellence and community service has not gone unnoticed. Their list of accolades, such as the prestigious President’s Award from American Honda Motor Co., stands as a testament to their outstanding performance. This award recognizes top-performing Honda dealerships in the country, and it has been awarded multiple times to Spreen Honda. These accolades reinforce the fact that Spreen Automotive Group is not just an industry leader but also a valued member of the local and national automotive community.

Sustainability and Responsibility

As community leaders, the Spreen Automotive Group recognizes the importance of being responsible stewards of the environment. Their commitment to sustainability includes implementing eco-friendly practices and technologies across their operations. By incorporating recycling programs, energy-efficient systems, and water-saving technologies, the group strives to reduce its ecological footprint, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.